Google competitor Zoho…

I can say Zoho is the real competitor for google in the online application products, because they are providing more number of online applications and more depth features in all the application.

Word, Excel, Power point, Notepad, CRM, Project Management, Chart, Meeting , Wiki etc
Now everything is in online, for free.
You can use your google or Yahoo account to use these applications.
I can tell you one feature which Zoho provides in his Word application, which I never ever think of. 
We know we can make a word document as readonly for some users and  give permission for some specific users to edit.
But using Zoho, even further you can configure a particular paragraph to be readonly for particular user. Even thought they have the rights to edit the document, they cant edit a particular paragraph.  How is this?

It supports most of the browsers, including safari (I think brad will be happy to use this in his mac), and chrome.
FastCompany's Robert Scoble interviewed the Chief Evangelist Raju Vegesna for his WorkFast TV series