Sagar Hospital – DSI – “Irresponsible people without any commonsense”

I used to goto this hospital as Out Patient for multiple diagnosis, and most of the time it will be just an oral consultation , nothing much. I choose this hospital because it is very near to me.
Recently My mom got bleeding in her nose, suddenly we rushed to this hospital in the evening and consulted Dr. Ramesh ENT specialist. He examined and said nothing to worry as of now, but if it continues better get her admitted and consult a Heart Specialist. 
After 1 day, Mom got more bleeding in her nose in the night, whenever she gargles she get hands full of saliva with blood. We rushed to emergency ward(Around 11.45PM ) on this same hospital, and gave all the report to the duty doctor.
Duty doctor called Dr.Ramesh in the phone and explained about her situation, and he asked us to admit her without further delay for observation.
They asked me to goto registration deportment for admission ASAP, and they did not allow anybody to stay with my mom also.
I went to registration department, and that guy started explaining all procedures which i don’t want to listen at that time, somehow i want her to admit and start the treatment. But it took nearly 30 mins to finalize all rooms advances, procedures etc. We took Semi private room cost of Rs.3200/- per day(with AC) There were some other charges along with that(documentation, registration, records etc) and they asked to pay Rs.5000/- in advance .
The moment i signed the receipt, i saw one sister carrying my mom in the wheel char next to me(I was shocked, she was in Emergency just few mins ago, suddenly once the registration confirmed they want to shift her to new room)
Then i thought probably after going to room they will start any procedure. So we went to room.
(AC room but no AC in the night), simply admitted her.
After few mins one sister came and asked to give the Urine sample for testing right away, so my mom took the sample and kept in the table where they keep all the equipments.
Thats all end of story!!!, nobody turned up after that, we simply staying in the hospital assuming that somebody will come and do some procedure or test.
But nobody showed up i was waiting for a long time and got tired and went to sleep.
Early morning i went out to get some water, paste etc. While coming back security did not allowed me to go in and asking for visitor pass, I said we got admitted in the hospital late night and nobody gave any such pass, but he refused to listen and keep on asking for the pass, then i ended up calling one of the sister around and explained the situation , later he allowed me to go in.
And this used to happen every time i go out and come, the security is not at all having commonsense on this, simply every time blocking and asking me to give the pass, what a security!!!!
Then doctor came around 11.30 in the morning and said nothing to worry you can discharge in the evening and come and visit in OP where he can see her nose with proper equipment.
And another general physician also came and advised her to stop “EcoSprin” tablet which is causing this bleeding.
I am totally blank, just to say this why they asked us to admit and waited whole night.
The moment i asked for discharge, their behavior completely changed. They said you cannot discharge now if you are going with cashless payment because there are lot of procedure.
Later i decided to pay the money, the moment i said that, they gave one full list and the total bill was 10,000/- change.
OMG, just for observation 10K? , they gave the bill for blood test & urine test which we are not aware of it.
The urine sample was there until morning 12PM, nobody took it, the moment i asked for discharge, the took and and gave it for testing, i never seen anybody can test the urine which was taken 12 hours ago. Totally unreasonable. And doctor also did not see any urine result, then what is the point of taking the test. When i asked about this, they said no problem sir you can use it for your reference(what the heck is this, what i will do with this test result)
And when i look into the blood test, there are multiple tests which are unnecessarily taken.
They have charged Rs.200/- for Blood group test (Common guys can you just ask me what is the blood group, and more over i have mentioned in the admission form also, but what is the use of this test for this treatment ?)
In Another bill they charged 900 for Emergency ward Duty doctor and 450 for the consultation which Dr. Ramesh did over the phone for the Duty doctor( if your Duty doctor asked some details why i have to pay for that consultation also, and what is the use of duty doctor there)
When i explained about all these to one of the Assistant medical directory Dr. Naganand , he just listening what ever i said, and said ” I understand your situation sir, we are improving our process, but i can not do anything as of now for this”, then i thought i simply wasted my 1 hour time with these people just to explaining their process issues which they are not going to change anyway.
Later i gave up and came out in the evening and consulted multiple doctors outside and now she is normal, thank god i did not stayed with them.
So please be aware of this hospital and take care of your wallet
Here is the recap of all the issues what i faced with this hospital
1. While doing registration they supposed to give visitor pass and some morning kit(brush, soap etc), but they did not gave anything and  I ended up arguing multiple time with security for the same reason again and again — irresponsible 
2. In the registration counter, they said if we are going with insurance, there will be person who will come to you tomorrow to get all the necessary document, so keep it ready, but nobody came and at the time of billing they said, i supposed to goto insurance department and submit the details, — communication issue 
3. They took the urine for test after 12 hours of sample, and gave the result after i discharge, nobody seen the result and we don’t know whether it is a valid test or not — Irresponsible 
4. They said observation, but nobody observed anything simply admitted to got more money from us
5. Charges in the emergency ward is unrealistic, ENT specialist did not visited in the night, just duty doctor asked few question, but in the bill they mentioned that Visiting fees for ENT specialist as well as Duty doctor fees(not sure what they have done in the emergency)
6. Nobody updated us what are all the procedure they are doing , but end of discharge they are giving the bill with multiple procedures, blood test which we are not sure they really taken it or not.
Think twice before goto this irresponsible  people.