Week End Trip – From Bangalore To Hasan

I am trying to write this blog from the day one i finished my trip.

Finally i got the time to summarize it now.
Hope this will help for few people.
Initially i have planned to have a trip to Hasan for 3 days, later once i narrow down the plan it reduced to 2 days.


One week before , i started googling about what are all the places which we can cover in 2 days.
So Initially i decided to start early morning(around 5AM)  from bangalore.
But because of other personal work we decided to start around 10.30AM(Trust me this is the right time, after a friday night!).
We planned to stay in Hasan, and from there we can move around the place.
As i was going with family and kids, i was making sure that there should not be any hurry or risky place.
Because in-arround haasan, there are lot of places

to visit, but i choose only few areas which my family will be comfortable and enjoy.

Things to carry for this trip

1. For 4 member’s  family, take minimum 5 litters of water(5 litter of water can should be fine)
2. Keep 4 water water bottle(1ltr each)
3. Pair of socks for each one of your family members(To clim the hill)
4. Camera
5. Cap 
6. Sun screen lotion(if you are going on hot summer)
7. Home made snacks and some fruits

Trip Plan

(Click on the route for the google map view)


Bahubali Temple

There was not much clear sign boards to reach this place. So better ask local people who can give you the right direction. 
As soon as we reached we faced parking problem later some how we managed to arrange nearby. 
There was a surprise to me, as I did not expect that we have to climb the hill which is very narrow. 
There was two hills nearby. But by the time we reached there it was almost 5pm.  So we decided to climb only one. 
The moment my mom see those stairs, she decided not to climb as it is very steep. 
You have to climb the hill in bare foot ! So do not go during noon time. 
I see there was a facility to lift people till top of the hill. But at that time it was overbooked. So my mom decided to stay back (you can book this in advance also). 

Note : In hot sun , it will be hard for you to climb in bare foot, because steps are made up of stone and it reflects heat. It is better to wear socks and keep it wet while climbing, this gives you comfortable while climbing. So make sure you have enough water  and pair of socks. There are people who will be selling socks specifically for this(10 – 40Rs  depends on the quality)

After reached top of the hill you will see the big Bahubali statue and you will not feel the tired after seeing him.
It was a very nice feeling after you reached there , you have to feel it.

Don’t miss to rom around top of the hill you fill find nice green and sky-blue to take pictures. 


Meenakshi Temple

I am not sure people are aware of this temple. 
This is recommended by one of my colleague , and you will not see much info about this in web. 
Few KMs away from Hasan , you have to go deep inside of an village , visit here early in the morning or during sun set. You will not regret to travel here after seeing it’s beauty of the temple. 
It will be hard to find the route , there is only one signboard from the mani road, be cautious when you are crossing otherwise you will miss it.


Belur is one of the historical place. You can find more details in the web , I will not duplicate here. But I can share my experience what I had there. 
One of the crowded place in my trip , but we did not feel it once we get into the temple. 
This is my second visit here. But I don’t see much difference , except they blocked few areas inside the temple for public view. 
Again parking is another issue. 
I went around 12pm , very hot , not able to walk in bare foot. 
If you want to take photos with nice background  you have to wait as you see more people always passing around. 
How ever, kids will enjoy the ambients. 


Halabedu is same as belur. The architecture is same in both the places. 
It is more like a botanical park rather than historical place. 
You can take rest in the lawn in the evening. 
You can have some local snacks and take rest in the beautiful lawn. 
My Kid enjoyed playing in lawn. 
The whole trips ends in very calm and happy mood. 
Two days went just like that. 
I hope this will help few people to plan their weeke end trips. 

Happy weeke end trip!