COVID-19 campaigns by Advaith & Avukth

After 2.5 weeks of WFH, my kids started realising that I am staying home for a longer time and not taking them out.

This is the first time I am staying with them for a such a long period, yet not playing with them. This WFH teaching me more lessons day by day.

Few of them are

  1. “Real Multi tasking” (Phone Call + Home management + Kids engagement + H/W and S/W engineering etc)
  2. Handling unavoidable circumstances and face it with smile
  3. Switch the mood instantly between Video call and Face to face conversation

I will be writing my experience soon on this topic , stay tuned….

Back to current topic, when I was explaining about COVID-19 , current status and the need to be in home to my kids, they did not realised the severity of it, how ever they started enjoying the part of “Staying Home”.

With Grand parents, they are enjoying their time and I don’t want to scare them. I just captured few movements of their reaction during my COVID-19 explanation which will bring smile in your face during this situation which is very much needed.

Let us know what you feel and if you think this will motivate you to be active and smile kindly share with others as well.