I am “Corona Positive”

Corona Positive

I am “Corona Positive”

Fortunately few people like me have the luxury of living their normal life without major impact.

Increased technology usage like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, zoom, Microsoft Team, etc become part of everybody’s life.

People whoever tried to keep distance in all these social media, cornered(Almost forced) to get in there to taste the addiction.

Google , Alex and Sri  started getting more requests to serve. 

Airtel, ACT, Jio working round the clock to serve the nation to proudly say “Digital India”

Amazon, Netflix, HotStar, SunNxt, and Doordarshan (Thanks to Ramayanam)  breaking their own Guinness records every day with their entertainment recipe. 

Kids who used to see their parents getting angry for watching videos and playing video games got offers from them to use it more and more (Thanks to “Stay home Stay Safe”).

Grandparents started getting calls from their grandchildren almost every day.

Few Kids started getting morning “Darshan” of their Dad and Mom together in the house.

Media are making sure that everybody is busy and motivating every day to stay home and stay worried.

Celebrities are challenging others to stay crazy and buzzy.

With so many positivity around me, I also started seeing my life in a positive and productive way.

I am a Corona Positive person.