10 steps to make professional grade cooking video – with fun factor


During this lockdown, many people trying to stage their hidden talent on social media.

One of the evergreen interesting topic is cooking.

Every home have their own chefs

  1. Master chef (Mostly Mom or Wife)
  2. Little chef (Kids)
  3. Instant chef (Husband)
  4. Authentic Chef (Mostly Grandmother or Mom)

Every chef has a unique style in making the dish. To capture those moments and share them with professional-grade video, you can follow the below guidelines.

The following guidelines are the best of my knowledge and not limited to them. Feel free to add your flavors.

My Recommendations for the total Video Lenth would be 5 to 8 mins. I have categorized those steps along with the duration.

  1. Intro to the dish (30 sec)

    • Explaining what is the dish all about?
    • How taste it is?
    • Nutrition content or information
    • A few fun facts about the dish(Maybe the history of the dish, the origin of the dish, etc)
  2. Promotion to your channel(10 sec)

    • Ask for share and comment on the video
    • Ask them to subscribe to your channel
    • Ask a quiz about the dish which you can reveal at the end(Fun factor)
  3. Channel Intro (15 secs)

    1. Intro video for the channel
    2. Intro animation for the channel
    3. Intro to the cooking videos on what you have done so far
  4. Ingredients list (15 sec)

    • List out the ingredients with measurements
    • Make sure you have pronounced the name of ingredients in different languages (Tamil, English, Hindi, etc)
    • This list should be very quick enough at the same time with voice clarity
    • If the ingredients available only in a few specific places, do mention that as well
    • Any alternative to the specific ingredients (In case it is difficult to get it in few areas)
  5. Step by Step make  (3 to 5 mins)

    • Make it very crisp and clear
    • Avoid showing empty utensils and wrong camera positions
    • Record the video in the flow of making instead of random shots (This helps to build the story for the video editor)
    • Make sure recorded with natural cooking sound which can be used to feel the authenticity of cooking
  6. The final touch – About to complete the dish (30 secs)

    • Before completing the dish, record the final steps in a detailed way
    • Record the dish finishing stage in closeups
    • Make sure you recorded in different angles (camera positions) 
  7. Final product video clips – After complete (20 secs)

    • Capture video of the completed dish in different angles with slow motion
    • Capture closeup pictures
    • Decorate the dish with plates and other items
  8. Capture the expressions(20 secs )

    • If you have anybody near to you, you can ask them to taste it and capture their expressions
    • Kids expressions, elder expressions will give some cuteness to the video. (Fun Part)
  9. Thank you message (10 secs)

    • Thank you message for the viewers
    • How you feel about the viewers and their support
    • Reveal the answer to the quiz (Fun part)
    • Give hint for the next video
  10. Behind the scene, Bloopers, spoilers, anything fun activity during cooking (15 secs)

    • Capture candid moments
    • The conversation of finalizing cooking planing
    • Behind the camera (People whoever supported during cooking)
    • Pets,  surrounding areas, and sounds
    • People reaction while cooking

I hope the above 10 steps will help you to produce better videos and help the video editor to add their imagination for the final result


Kindly share your experience and tips to improve the cooking video in the comment. Looking forward to your inputs.

Stay Tune:

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