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Hello everyone is a YouTube platform where you can learn and entertain yourself in many ways.
One of our main mission is to bring more IAS and IPS from rural youths.

Due to the high fees and non-affordability of civil services coaching in Suburban and village areas, this online mode of teaching, guidance, and motivation from Mrs. S. Arulmathi who is a civil servant at present working in Andaman and belongs to the 2009 batch who had volunteered to teach, guide, and motivate students at their doorsteps through

Mode of coaching

For facilitating their learning we have created

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We have even encouraged and asked the very serious aspirants to write it there answers and send those answers to Madam for evaluation and for improvements. This two-way communication can be done by filling up the Google form given in the description box of civil services playlist videos.

Subjects we offer

So so far we have posted some very good content videos and guidance for preliminary examination ethics paper geography for general studies, Tamil literature optional for mains.
We have plans to post more videos on general studies for means as well as for optional like history, anthropology, and sociology.

In YouTube, with very limited time we have a plan to post at least one video every week which itself is a herculean task.

Initially, we had live sessions for guidance, Due to YouTube restriction we are not able to do it effectively.

We have a plan to restart the live sessions once the number of viewers reaches at least 100.

You can share the content with your friends and the people who want to become IAS or IPS or want to know more about the UPSC exams.


This time we have predicted many questions for Tamil literature optional (Refer the video ) . Similarly, for the 2021 preliminary examination, we will give you a lot of important areas and issues which are in news.

The unique way of identifying the question setters mind and preparing for UPSC with the guaranteed strategy will enable many deserving students from rural areas to clear this examination with confidence.

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You can be an IAS!!!